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Revolutionizing Real Estate: HomeMatchTT ChatGPT WordPress Property Searching with Integrations & Automation

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HomeMatchTT began as a web app project for real estate listings and bloomed into a real estate app. I utilized many skills – UI design, app architecture design, integration with OpenAI and automation – some of which I developed or enhanced through this project. It helped me to create solutions using AI that I had never pondered previously. For instance, we discovered that the true value of the app would be the user data it collected with the enhancement of AI.

We created an interface that allowed users searching for listings to select their 5 top attributes/amenities based on importance at signup. The user is then presented with their “matches” in a typical real estate listing grid style. Within the individual listing are two buttons “I’m Interested” and “I’m not interested.” This is where our AI comes in and builds a model of behavior first guided by the user’s selections, but after enough listing interactions, AI will begin to present matches in line with the patterns of the user’s “I’m interested” selections over their elected selections. Often times what we want is a wish-list that doesn’t match with other criteria such as budget, location, neighborhood dynamics, etc.

The value here could be missed. The audience is universal – it covers all classes, ethnicities, socio-economic factors. It is the largest and rarest audience to capture let alone get sensitive information such as where they live and at what price they can afford to purchase. By using a simple yes or no mechanism on a standard set of criteria of differing values it makes it easy to gather data quickly and efficiently. To glean data on tolerances for a universal population in housing prices, housing quality and regional crime can aid in the effectiveness of many predictive models of today.

I crafted the User Interface (UI) based on the bright colors of the brand using high contrast. The front end experience is supported by a system of components, integrations and automations that carry the user through the journey of explorer to home owner.

The UI design process produced a modern and edgy website, reflecting the core essence of HomeMatchTT’s cutting-edge technology prowess while ensuring an intuitive user experience. The outcome was a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality, providing house hunters with a visually appealing and practical interface.

This project underscores my ability to merge design principles with technical solutions, challenge myself to find value in small changes which results in an integrated platform that made small changes to the real estate search with revolutionary results. By creating the automation funnel to include both email and SMS I was astounded by how much the conversion rates were impacted. More than that, I reinforced my dedication to embracing new technology and my excitement in implementing projects that utilize AI technologies.